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We have a creative and
intelligent approach to PR.

Reception Explore & Discover Create Strategise Communicate & Connect Analyse & Evaluate

Raising the profile of your brand.

Our extensive expertise in the industry means we’ve perfected a strategic and creative approach that will get your brand talked about. With a network as comprehensive and inclusive as ours, we know how to pique interest and intrigue our contacts with the right story – your story – and spur the media to action.

We optimise our connections and develop a bespoke media strategy that will amplify your brand’s message so you can take your place in the spotlight.

PHASE 1. Reception

We always start our client relationships by listening. We establish your PR objectives, needs and targets and determine clear expectations. We’ll discuss whether this will be a one-off campaign, or part of an ongoing retainer relationship and which would be most beneficial to your brand. Even if you’re new to PR, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

PHASE 2. Explore & Discover

We know the media and pride ourselves on our insider grasp of market and industry trends. Through our research, insights and experience, we’ll identify your target audience, work to understand your key competitors and explore the best media platforms to build lasting, meaningful connections. This is where we gain inspiration for the next key step in our process.

PHASE 3. Create

We pride ourselves on our creative PR strategies. In this step we let inspiration strike through brainstorming and team discussions. From these creative platforms we’ll springboard into a phase of formulation, developing the big ideas, key concepts and brand stories that will engage your audience in a way that matters.

PHASE 4. Strategise

We synchronise your key objectives and targets with our actionable top-line creative thinking and channel this into an intelligent, original PR strategy uniquely created for your brand and target audience.

PHASE 5. Communicate & Connect

This is where we bring all our thinking to life. We’re zealous in our approach and execute every concept and idea with the same passion and integrity it was created with. We know how to connect – it’s what we do best. We’ll use our extensive network to amplify your brand in the media and maximise your key messages. We will create lasting impressions that focus on quality and content. We’re not just about column inches – we deliver influential results.

PHASE 6. Analyse & Evaluate

We’re upfront in how we approach business and reporting back to you on results, coverage and progress is part of the process. We use Media Monitoring and reporting to ensure we achieve the objectives and KPIs set at the outset. Everything we learn and observe from results helps us to continually evolve and refine our PR strategies, for ongoing results that sustain momentum for your brand.